Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Does any body know how to refill epson ink cartridge t0712?

The answer is don't. Don't bother risking permanently damaging the internal permanent print head. You are likely to experience poor print quality due to the fact that you are using non Epson ink.

The T0712 ink cartridges contain Epson DURABrite Ultra ink. This is pigment-based ink. The ink in those refill kits or from a refill outlet is NOT Epson ink and it is not pigment-based. The mix of different ink in the ink feed system and print head is likely to cause blockages which might not shift, or at least will mean you will have to use ink in using the Head Clean procedure. It's a false economy.

You can get Epson ink carts for 拢6.99 each or a value multi pack - available from or possibly cheaper elsewhere, like any body know how to refill epson ink cartridge t0712?
take it to Walgreen's, they are advertising that they will refill you ink cartridges for $15 and guaranty them

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